MDB Doc 2.0 Feature List

If anybody here wishes to help with any of this, please email me on the address in the read me file.

Section Name In XML
Section Name In XML
Header File path Yes
Header Application name Yes
Header Is compiled? Yes
Header Broken references? Yes
Meta tags Generator No
Meta tags Description No
Meta tags Keywords No
Meta tags Author No
Database properties Property name Yes
Database properties field type Yes
Database properties value Yes
Table summary table name Yes (but need to exclude Msys tables)
Table summary create date/time Yes
Table summary last updated date/time Yes
Table summary record count Yes
Table summary Type (normal/linked) part - needs to include call to function
Table summary description Yes
Table detail (fields) Field name Yes
Table detail (fields) Default Value Yes
Table detail (fields) data type Yes (numeric rather than text translation)
Table detail (fields) required Yes
Table detail (fields) Is part of PK? No
Table detail (fields) Description Yes
Queries Query name Yes
Queries Query type Yes
Queries SQL code Yes
Queries Description Yes
Forms Name Yes
Forms created date/time Yes
Forms last updated date/time Yes
Forms Has module? Yes
Forms Record source Yes
Forms Description Yes
Reports Name Yes
Reports Create date Yes
Reports Last updated date Yes
Reports Has module Yes
Reports Record source Yes
Reports Description Yes
Modules Name Yes
Modules Created date/time Yes
Modules Last updated date/time Yes
Modules Type (normal/class) Yes
Modules No. Lines Yes
Modules Description No
Code routines within module XXX Prototype No
Code routines within module XXX No. Lines No
Code routines within module XXX Description No
Form modules within form XXX Prototype No
Form modules within form XXX No. Lines No
Form modules within form XXX Description No
Report modules within report XXX Prototype No
Report modules within report XXX No. Lines No
Report modules within report XXX Description No
Macros Name Yes
Macros Created date/time Yes
Macros Updated date/time Yes
Macros Description Yes
Relationships Primary name Yes
Relationships Foreign name Yes
Relationships Description No
Commandbars Name Yes
Commandbars Visible Yes
Commandbars NameLocal Yes
References Name Yes
References Full path Yes
References Reference broken Yes
Ribbons ID Yes
Ribbons Name Yes
Ribbons XML code Yes
Import/Export specifications Name Yes
Import/Export specifications XML code Yes could do with tidying up
Data Access Pages Name Yes
Data Access Pages Date Created Yes
Data Access Pages Last Updated Yes
Data Access Pages Connection string Yes
Data Access Pages Description Yes